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5 Best Services for Outsourced Lead Generation

Outsource lead generation

If you are running your business or you are a head of a sales department outsourcing is maybe your way to get new leads. Building an in-house lead generation department could be time-consuming and not always bring the expected results. However, take your time before deciding to engage an external team for lead generation efforts. Firstly, find out your choice criteria for deciding on the best lead generation company and service for your business. This article will get you covered. Also here we review the handful of services for outsourced lead generation and how you can get the best out of them.

What is a lead generation company?

Lead generation companies’ role is to connect a business with its potential clients. For this purpose, they apply a range of techniques for attracting, engaging, and capturing the contact information of prospects. Then they provide the business with warm or hot leads for their further conversion into paying customers by the business sales department.

What strategies does a lead generation company use to attract and nurture leads?

  1. Creating and optimizing landing pages
  2. Attracting traffic to your website
  3. Online advertising
  4. Email marketing
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Cold calling

Additionally, lead gen companies may offer their databases of prospects for different industries and lead qualification services. By combining the above techniques with the latest technology for sales and marketing, lead generation companies can bring you leads much faster than if you build your lead generation team from scratch. However, same as for making any partnership first thoroughly examine the company you are going to cooperate with.

How to choose a lead generation company

To compare lead generation services and choose the best fit for your business, consider the following criteria.

  • Trustworthiness

Look for companies that have client testimonials, case studies, and other signs of trustworthiness such as industry rewards. And don’t be afraid to book a demo and ask any question you may have before breaking new ground. 

  • Price

Lead generation agencies usually provide pricing upon request. So prepare to unveil your business needs and goals before you are introduced to plan and pricing. Think of which marketing tools you would like to pledge in your lead gen strategy and how much human support you need. Plan your budget accordingly. Compare pricing models and ensure there are no hidden fees. The cost should align with the services offered and the expected return on investment.

  • Guarantees

Another essential point is to ensure that the investment you make yields valuable returns and isn’t spent without achieving the desired outcomes. Some companies offer guarantees on the number or quality of leads. Understand the terms and what happens if these guarantees are not met.

  • Channels available

A set of channels for your lead gen campaigns should correlate with your target audience. For example, if LinkedIn is anticipated to be the primary source for client acquisition, the focus can be streamlined to this single platform. Regardless of the breadth or focus of the selected channels, the company must employ cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

  • Leads quality

Inquire about the company’s lead qualification process and how they ensure lead relevance. The better prospects correspond to your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer personas, the more chances to convert them into customers.

  • Expertise

The company managers should have experience in generating leads in your industry, and be familiar with your business model and sales cycles. This is more likely to bring you the expected outcome. 

  • Data analysis capabilities

Effective lead generation relies on data-driven decision-making. Hence your lead gen partners should have advanced capabilities for data analysis and lead scoring for refining your strategy on each step.

Leading Services for Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

Next, we introduce you to five popular lead generation companies that provide a different set of services.


Impasto provides a SaaS service and consulting services for generating leads on LinkedIn. You can choose whether to use Impasto as a standalone tool or as a service for outsourced lead generation. 

lead generation company

Key features: team management, LinkedIn limit control, data enrichment, lead scoring, contact finder, hyper-personalization, sequence templates, analytics system, contact verification, and data export.

Consulting service includes building your ICP, creating prospecting messages tailored to your buyer personas, a step-by-step guide on optimizing and warming up your LinkedIn profile for sales, and setting up the Impasto tool specifically for your needs. If you want to drop off consulting services at some point, you can continue generating leads using the previously built frame. 

Best For: Small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on LinkedIn as a primary lead generation channel.

CIENCE Technologies

CIENCE is a multi-channel platform that offers a unique blend of technology and human expertise to provide managed lead-generation services.

  • Key Features: Email messaging, cold calling, LinkedIn outreach, lead research, web traffic, pre-targeting ADS, and SDR-Team-as-a-service.
  • Sales development: With CIENCE, you can hire outbound and inbound SDRs, or make use of lead lists with further data enrichment. 
  • Best For: Organizations seeking a comprehensive, outsourced sales development team to handle lead generation and initial engagement.


Callbox is a B2B lead generation service available for multiple industries known for its multi-touch, multi-channel marketing approach.

  • Key Features: Account-based marketing, event marketing services, B2B lead generation, B2B sales data, cross-border marketing, and webinar and virtual event marketing.
  • Consulting services: You can book a consultation to learn more about how Callbox helps handle the tasks of finding potential customers, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for you.
  • Best For: B2B companies in industries like IT and software, healthcare, and finance, looking for targeted lead generation campaigns.


DiscoverOrg is a robust B2B prospecting platform that offers detailed, up-to-date data on key decision-makers, designed to enhance the effectiveness of sales, marketing, and recruiting teams.

  • Key Features: Detailed organizational charts, direct contact information, and buying signals.
  • Best For: Sales teams needing in-depth insights into potential leads to craft highly personalized outreach strategies.


Belkins is a top-rated lead generation agency that specializes in crafting personalized lead generation and appointment-setting campaigns.

  • Key Features: Custom lead generation strategies, appointment setting, email deliverability services, and dedicated account managers.
  • Best For: Companies looking for a tailored approach to lead generation with a focus on building meaningful business relationships.

Decide which is better for you or book a call with the Impasto.io sales professional to have a brief consultation.


– Is lead generation business legit?

It depends on the techniques, tools, and strategies a lead generation company employs. The more important thing to consider is that the company does not violate users’ rights and does not use ad fraud to get contact information.

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