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How to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts and use them for outreach

LinkedIn multiple accounts

If you have a LinkedIn account and use it for connecting with potential clients, you might have faced that you are limited to no more than 100 connections per week. Creating another LinkedIn account could be a solution to exceed this and other LinkedIn limits. However, is it possible to create and manage multiple accounts on LinkedIn? And is it worth your effort?

Why run multiple profiles?

What other reasons besides exceeding LinkedIn connection limits are to create multiple LinkedIn profiles?

  • Scale your LinkedIn outreach by sending more prospecting messages.
  • Target your different profiles in different markets.
  • Manage your clients’ accounts as an agency or a freelancer.

Aren’t these good reasons to try?

But let’s get to know first whether it is possible.

Can I have more than one LinkedIn account?

According to LinkedIn Professional Community Policies, creating multiple profiles is not allowed. If you have more than one LinkedIn account, you need to merge them or close all but one.

Also, note that your profile should include your real name and photo, and you are obliged to add only real information about yourself if you create a LinkedIn account.

How to create multi-language LinkedIn profile

To make your profile clear for people from different countries, you can use a multi-language feature inside LinkedIn.

If so, why read this article?

Since creating multiple accounts significantly widens your sales opportunities, why not find ways to bypass LinkedIn restrictions?

Probably, you have people in your team who have no LinkedIn profiles or are not active in this network. So why not use your team’s power to increase your sales? At the same time, you can manage all your team accounts from a single place using a LinkedIn automation tool

How to add another LinkedIn account?

Whatever option you choose – to create a new account or use an existing one – you need to optimize and warm up a profile for sales.

In short, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Add a name, surname, and profile picture different from your existing profile.
  2. Create a brief description of what you offer to your customers and put it into the head of your profile.
  3. Fill out at least seven fields necessary for a LinkedIn All-Star profile, like relevant work experience, education, and skills.
  4. Send invitations to people trying to avoid overlapping audiences of your business profiles.
  5. Ensure everyday activity in a new profile, such as visiting profiles and groups from your industry, following influencers, putting likes and comments on posts, and adding your posts.

Check out our complete guide on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Also, pay attention to your Social Selling Index (SSI) and follow recommendations to increase your SSI.

If you create different profiles to reach out to people from various markets, use the corresponding language for each and optimize your profiles using profile examples from your desired markets.

How to combine multiple LinkedIn accounts for outreach?

If you want to reach out to your potential customers through multiple LinkedIn profiles on a single device, either switch between profiles via Chrome browser or use LinkedIn automation tools like Impasto.io.

How to switch between profiles with Chrome?

First, you need to create multiple Chrome profiles to switch between them. 

Check out how to add Chrome profiles here.

After adding profiles, your starting Chrome page will look like this.

Then, tie a corresponding LinkedIn profile for each of your Chrome profiles. How to do it? You need to log in from a Chrome profile A to a LinkedIn profile A, from Chrome profile B to LinkedIn profile B, and so on.

This way, you can separate your LinkedIn profiles from each other and manage them from a single device. It is a good technique for manual outreach, but to send messages in bulk and scale your LinkedIn lead generation it is better to use an automation tool.

How to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles with an automation tool?

You can manage up to ten LinkedIn profiles through the Impasto.io dashboard. 


Impasto.io is a holistic service that includes an automation tool for LinkedIn outreach and a consulting package to help you start outreach campaigns.

How to connect your LinkedIn profiles with Impasto.io?

  1. Sign in to your Impasto.io account.
  2. Add the Impasto.io Chrome extension to your browser for a simple cookies extraction.
  3. Sign in to your desired LinkedIn profile.
  4. Click New LinkedIn Profile on the left side of the Impasto dashboard.
  5. Click on the Impasto.io extension button in the right-top corner of your browser.
  6. Copy generated cookies and paste them into the cookie field in the LinkedIn profile settings.
  7. Click Save.

That is it. This way you can continue adding other profiles to your Impasto.io dashboard. Don’t forget to sign out from your LinkedIn account and sign in to another one before copying cookies.

How to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles

After profiles are added you will see them all on the left side of the Impasto.io dashboard.

You can simultaneously run any number of campaigns from your added profiles. 

You can pause campaigns or stop them if needed.

To send messages in bulk, follow these steps.

  1. Click New Campaign.
  2. Add prospecting messages to the Sequence template fields. You can use variables such as {Name}, {Company}, {Position} to personalize your messages. Also, you can activate the hyper-personalization feature to add personalized previews to your campaigns.
  3. Start searching for contact information by adding a URL to the LinkedIn search page, or by adding a desired domain and job position of a prospect. To get contacts of people who are right for your business try using LinkedIn boolean search. Also, you can upload your existing contact list in a CSV format.
  4. Wait until Contact verification is complete. Then, start your outreach campaign.

In the Impasto.io system, you will find real-time statistics on your campaigns to see their progress.

If you need help with your campaigns or assistance to improve your campaign results, you can contact the Impasto.io team for a consultation.


– Can I have two LinkedIn accounts with the same email?

No, each LinkedIn account must have a unique email address. So, you won’t be able to create a second LinkedIn account with the same email address.

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