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How to automate your outreach campaigns safely?

LinkedIn automation tools like Impasto.io allows you to significantly save time on repetitive tasks and bring more leads than possible when you manually reach out to people.

However, to use automation safely and avoid bans pay attention to the simple rules and recommendations described below.

How does LinkedIn detects suspicious activity?

We compiled a list of activities that may look suspicious for LinkedIn robots.

  • too many profiles you look at
  • too many invites you send
  • many endorsements and likes you give
  • big number of clicks on the contact info button
  • repetitive actions
  • bulk messages
  • too many requests in a short time
  • many pending invitations
  • actions at strange times of the day
  • sometimes actions on weekends and holidays
  • using one account at the same time from different devices and IP addresses

Impasto.io mimics human behaviour so you’re protected from getting banned for automatic actions. However, consider the following recommendations when using Impasto for Linkedin outreach to avoid any restrictions.

What should you do to avoid getting banned while using Impasto.io?

Before you start automating your outreach campaigns, optimize and warm up your LinkedIn profile, as you need to be trustworthy in the eyes of LinkedIn robots.

To do it right, follow our recommendations:

After completing these steps, start automating your Impasto.io outreach campaigns by following the next recommendations.

  1. Lean to the invitation and message limits allowed for a profile of your SSI (Social Selling Index) level. Limitations for your profile are specified in your Impasto.io account. Check out the information about SSI and LinkedIn limits.
  2. Do not run automation too aggressively. Stick to no more than five days a week for automated campaigns.
  3. Limit yourself to saving no more than 1,000 contacts per day when searching for new prospects.
  4. If some of your invites are unaccepted for too long – 30-45 days – we recommend withdrawing these invites.
  5. Message to people relevant to your industry, and make sure you use personalization and meaningful content. Also, check twice if your profile represents you as a professional and if it is clear enough. Otherwise, a person could report they don’t know you. It would be a strong indicator for LinkedIn to restrict you as a spammer.
  6. Minimize manual activity in your profile while the automated campaigns run. The simultaneous actions – like when Impasto searches for new contacts in your profile, and you start a search from your side – are suspicious for LinkedIn. To manually check and reply to messages , pause Impasto.io or do it when Impasto is inactive (in the morning until 10 am and after 7 pm (EET)).

If you’re interested in boosting your sales even more, upgrade to Sales Navigator, as it makes your profile more reputable and provides you with a higher SSI score and better invitations limit.

In-between campaigns, gradually improve your SSI score to get better limits.

Warm regards,

Impasto.io Team ✌🏻

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